Software Security Engineer


  • Information Security
  • Full time
  • Lausanne, Switzerland

What you'll be doing:

  • Lead the threat modeling process. 
  • Design the security of the SwissBorg platform.
  • Design and lead the implementation of SwissBorg’s Wallet service.
  • Advocate security and secure practices throughout SwissBorg. 
  • Work closely with software engineers in dedicated engineering groups to influence and create new designs, architectures, and standards. 
  • Develop technical solutions to help mitigate security vulnerabilities. 
  • Perform technical security assessments, code audits and design reviews.

What we need from you: 

  • Knowledge in general cryptography (symmetric/asymmetric encryption, hash functions, signatures, BIP32/39/44 standards, etc) 
  • Knowledge in Software Engineering - Computer Science fundamentals
  • Experience with distributed systems 
  • Programming experience with C, Rust, Java or Scala Cloud Engineering - experience with AWS, solid understanding of security practices Software Architecture - understanding of synchronous/asynchronous microservice & data architectures
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