Software Architect

Xtreme Blockchain Labs

  • Software Engineer
  • Full time
  • Toronto, Canada


  • Define and execute an architectural vision for expanding our capabilities 
  • Provide detailed technical leadership to ensure extreme scalability, low latency and minimal downtime on key projects 
  • Define and implement a devopes strategy
  • Mentor developers 
  • Clearly and regularly communicate with management and coworkers 
  • Strictly adhere to all security protocols and processes and work diligently to protect the assets of the company and its customers 
  • Write technical documentation and presentations 
  • Quickly and thoroughly learn new technologies required to perform duties
  • Other duties as required 

Skills and Experience: 

  • Minimum 10 years of experience: at least 7 years as a software developer and 3 years in architect role. 
  • Candidates working on solutions for the equities market will be preferred 
  • A proven ability to design and build highly scalable, highly responsive and highly available solutions 
  • Have experience of working in Big Data technologies 
  • Experience in designing Microservices Architecture Knowledge of implementing message bus (Kafka, AWS Kinesis) 
  • The ability to quickly and thoroughly learn new technologies 
  • Great coding skills and ability to quickly write high quality code 
  • Experience with agile development processes 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of many of these technologies is an asset: AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker Nodejs, Java, Flink, Big Data, Kafka JavaScript, Reactjs, Ant Design HTML5, CSS3 HTTPS, JSON/ReST, STOMP/Websockets SQL Postgres, MongoDb Git and agile development processes and tools 
  • Helpful A demonstrated understanding of projects from the perspective of both the client and business 
  • Flexibility and willingness to accept a change in priorities as necessary
Xtreme Blockchain Labs Software Software Engineer