Senior Software Engineer - Distributed Systems


  • Software Engineer
  • Full time
  • Berlin, Germany


  • He/she will communicate with the founders to understand the project goals and translate these goals into concrete milestones realizable by the Software Engineering team in sprints.
  • Additionally, he/she will work closely with the Senior DevOps Engineer to build intelligent system checks into the software releases. 
  • He/she will communicate the design choices to the Cybersecurity and DevOps teams in clear, concise presentations and prose. 
  • Thus, our future Senior Software Engineer should have experience managing teams, excellent communication skills, and superior knowledge of computer networks. 
  • Finally, he/she should be excited about the future of decentralized IT and distributed systems.

Requirements & Preferences:  

  • M.S. degree or higher in computer science, information systems, information technology, or similar 
  • Demonstrable 5+ years work experience in information technology with recommendations and/or publications 
  • Java (esp. 
  • Experience with two or more databases (Rocksdb, DGraph, MongoDB, etc.) 
  • Knowledge of coordination and fault tolerance in distributed systems and databases 

Essential requirements for all positions: 

  • Passionate about data security and decentralization 
  • Conscientious 
  • Willingness to lead and/or teach others 
  • Willingness to learn 
  • Communicative 
  • Excellent command of either German or English (working language is English)
Helix Platform Software Engineer