Senior Software Developer


  • Software Developer
  • Full time
  • Remote

The core of the job is about developing step by step the conjunction of functionalities that the marketplace platform is to propose to investors on the one hand, and to fundraisers on the other hand.

The candidate will be onboarded on the effort to turn the prototype into an MVP. While many required features are classical ones, they need to be architectured and coded in a logical and robust manner, with large freedom to adopt the most appropriate technical solutions so as to be able to accomodate easily future more advanced functionalities. Other features are very innovative and will make the development effort unique, notably in terms of interfacing with the handling of distributed ledger tokens.

Remuneration package in the range of 40k to 100k€, equity participation debatable.

*We will expect to select further the CTO of the company, that will be the quick and natural job evolution for a high caliber candidate.*

Must-have candidate requirements:

  • Great developer, with strong capabilities and proven experience in front-end web development and back-end database
  • Experience with Blockchain technology, including instanciation of smart contracts
  • Good communicator (English)
  • Responsible & reliable


  • Previous involvement in start-up
  • User interface design experience
  • Autonomous
  • French language can be a plus
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