Senior Lead Developer


  • Software Developer
  • Full time
  • Paris, France


  • Scale our current infrastructure to 10 million users a day. 
  • Build a banking grade infrastructure for the Vault, our new crypto asset management system. 
  • Set up monitoring of our server applications. Implement continuous integration services to streamline deployment of our applications.
  • Replicate our existing services and deploy them all around the world.
  • Development of internal tools for the monitoring of our various services. Set up tools to efficiently consult server logs. 
  • Work with our backend-oriented engineers and propose improvements. 

Required experience: 

  • Continuous integration solutions (Jenkins, TravisCI …).
  • Automated deployment solutions (Puppet, Chef, Ansible …). 
  • Server monitoring solutions (Prometeus is a plus) 
  • Server logs processing solutions (ELK, Hindsight) 

Required profile: 

  • Engineer profile, 
  • minimum 5 years experience. 
  • Control of systems * nix. 
  • Proficiency in a configuration management system (Ansible, Chef…) 
  • Proficiency in a scripting language (python, ruby, javascript, bash, perl).
Ledger Software Developer