Senior Backend Engineer


  • Back-end Developer
  • Full time
  • Vilnius, Lithuania / Remote

- Passion for decentralisation, open source software and the blockchain
- 5+ years of experience with any strict-typed languages (Golang, Rust, Java, C/C++, Python)
- Impeccably clean code beautiful enough to make grown men weep Love for unit tests with big coverage
- Practical understanding of SSL certificates, public-key infrastructures & cryptography and secure design
- Love for modern engineering: Github contribution, SOLID principles, Modularity, design patterns, etc.
- Contributions to open-source projects or solve “Winter is coming” challenge

Extra bonus points for:
- Experience working with other cryptocurrency or blockchain-based projects on the protocol level
- Deep knowledge of IP networking
- Experience in building RESTful web services
- Advanced degree (M.S., Ph.D.) in a relevant field
- Experience or background in distributed algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, complexity science

Mysterium Software Back-end Developer