Senior Back-end/ Full Stack Developer


  • Software Developer
  • Full time
  • Vancouver, Canada

Summary of Role: 

  • As part of a Scrum team and working in close collaboration with our Architect and other developers , you are responsible for building, deploying and managing the back-end tier of our platform. 
  • Together with your team members, you ensure the quality, performance, scalability and security of this application tier. 
  • Embracing our philosophy of continuous improvement, you are always looking for ways to better our code, architecture, tool chain, hosting infrastructure and team processes. 
  • As an agile practitioner, you consistently and constructively participate in all team practices: sprint planning, daily standups, estimation, backlog grooming, sprint demos and retrospectives. 

Reports to: Chief Technical Officer 

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Work closely with designers and other team members to create performant and reliable server modules 
  • Write, refactor, test and deploy back-end code that satisfies product requirements and improves the usability, quality and performance of our application 
  • Evaluate and evolve our back-end technologies and tools to ensure sustainable development 
  • Design and maintain an automated API test suite 
  • Constructively review team members’ code and address issues found 
  • Investigate product defects, identify and fix root causes, test and deploy fixes 
  • Contribute to ongoing improvement of team practices and procedures 
  • Actively participate in all Scrum practices: sprint planning, daily standups, estimation, backlog grooming, sprint demos and retrospectives 
  • Contribute to monitoring and operation of production, staging and test servers 
  • Share responsibility for maintenance and improvement of our development and production environments and related tools 

Skills and Requirements: 

  • 3+ years professional experience as a back-end developer 
  • Proficient with C# .Net (core), SQL, NoSQL design 
  • Experience designing, building and using secure, RESTful web APIs 
  • Experience using VSTS (especially CI/CD pipelines) 
  • Experience writing and maintaining automated API tests using 
  • Demonstrated ability to investigate, learn and apply new technologies and tools 
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills and an openness to giving and receiving constructive feedback 

Nice to Haves: 

  • Experience building Web application / Front-End 
  • Comfortable working in a continuous integration, continuous deployment environment 
  • Experience using vue.js 
  • Experience working on a Scrum team 
  • Experience with Cryptocurrencies
Symetria Payments Back-end Developer