R&D Associate


$51 600
  • Business Development
  • Full time
  • London, United Kingdom

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • The design and development of new technologies, accounting for cost optimization, product maintenance and other implementational considerations.
  • Assess the technical feasibility of concepts, confirming operational compatibility with technologies and supply-chain infrastructures across the Everledger product line; existing and prospective. 
  • Outline a series of protocols and standards for the conduction of complex and routine experiments within their field; ensuring that these are followed under their direct supervision. 
  • Creating technical reports outlining all research and findings, along with the maintenance of a research log. 
  • Assisting in the development of new product standards and processes across the Everledger project landscape. 
  • Conduct tests with the aim of producing a series of recommendations surrounding technology selection for asset identification tasks, on a project-by-project basis. 
  • This should include a comparative study, outlining the landscape of potential technologies, providing justification and reasoning in support of proposed recommendations. 
  • Compile, validate and organise a set of tools to assist in the performance of their research, including analytical modelling software and systems. 
  • Supervise and support the execution and conceptualization of implementing new and existing technologies, across the Everledger product line.
  • Draw upon advanced scientific knowledge to support technological innovation and growth by partnering with other subject matter experts within the Everledger organisation, in addition to technology partners; to identify emerging trends and needs within a specific technology category. 
  • Provide direct oversight on all research and documentation within their specialist area across all projects within Everledger. 
  • Advise the Head of Research and Development during the exploration phase of research, as well as the risk identification and mitigation stage. 
  • Prepare competitive monitoring reports, drawing necessary conclusions and recommendations. 
  • Work directly with Head of Research and Development and Project Managers, to define long-term market focus and related product opportunities. 
  • Document results and project process proposal specifications, facilitating cross-functional team communications within the Research and Development division. 
  • Understand, support and comply with responsibilities outlined by Everledger IP policies and procedures. 


  • 5+ years in a similar role DPhil with focus on Material and Object identification technologies.
  • Excellent publication track-record in high quality conferences and journals. 
  • Ability to communicate complex and conceptual ideas to a range of groups. 
  • Evidence of the ability to collaborate actively within a research environment; both academic and industrial, to complete research projects and advance thinking.
  • Ability to participate in and develop external networks.
  • Able to identify collaborations, income sources and build relationships for future activities.
  • Evidence of ability to act as a team leader, develop productive working relationships and coordinate work of colleagues, ensuring equitable access to resources and facilities.
  • Ability to manage standard problems and help colleagues to resolve their concerns and progress in their research. 
  • Experience of mentoring colleagues with less experience, and assist in advancing professional development.
Everledger Business Development