Quantitative Crypto Analyst


  • Data Analyst
  • Full time
  • Lausanne, Switzerland

- Independently conducting quantitative and qualitative analytics, and design and execute complex modeling projects.
- Lead efforts in development or enhancement of models, blockchain architectures, analytic processes or system approaches.

- Clearly, write all activities and produces research papers, white papers and articles.

Skills & Abilities:
- Great understanding of blockchain protocols
- Portfolio management experience in Crypto with a consistent track record.
- Have strong qualitative/fundamental analytical skills to evaluate blockchain companies
- Have strong quantitative/analytic skills, influence strategic direction, and develop tactical plans.
- Have sufficient background to identify risks proactively and frame the range of potential outcomes for risks that are hard to model.
- Integrate seamlessly into a global organization of analytical associates dedicated to best in class modeling and analysis in support of world-class risk management capabilities and culture.

- Freedom to create, build a research architechture and the company you always dreamed of.
- Handsome bonus based on our meritocratic system.
- We believe in you! It’s your opportunity to step up and grow super fast, and work with an amazing decentralized team of experts in crypto, investments, coding, AI, psychology, and business;
- Excellent package; fast progress.

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