IoT Field Application / Pre-Sales Engineer


  • Software Engineer
  • Full time
  • Paris, France

- Deployment of Ledger solutions & show the interest of a Ledger’s solutions
- Support Marketing, bids and proposal teams
- Follow-up different activities installation, integrations, validation et acceptance Customer facing, RFP, RFI.
- Ensure all processes are in place during project
- Manage resources and find the expertise needed
- Responsible of planning, coordination, resources and technical issues for projects
- Ensure all processes are in place during project.

- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related field, or an equivalent
- +4-6 years of pre-sales experience with strong understanding of the IoT ecosystem, cyber security, HSM, KMS ...
- Experience with IoT, Cloud and Mobile technologies
- Outstanding ability to work well cross functionally (R&D/BU) and with partners and customers
- Excellent oral and written communication skills.
- Oral communication skills include the ability to speak clearly and persuasively, to listen carefully to ensure full understanding of the situation, and to respond well to questions when dealing with both positive and negative situations.
- All positions also require the ability to write clearly to provide full information as well as to understand and interpret written information.
- At ease with clients, abilities to respond to all technical clients questions

Additional Information
Contract type: Full-Time
Location: Paris, France  
Education Level: Master's Degree
Experience Level: > 5 years

Ledger Software Engineer