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Currently, we focus on the GEP (Global Ecosystem Program). We grant token recommendations to super members. The ecosystem includes 21 super members worldwide (or you can say agents). We will hold a signing ceremony with a super member in South Korea at the end of October. We will recruit a super ecosystem for every major country in the world. Currently we do not have a super ecosystem in your country. For the first super ecosystem in each country, our prerequisites are to have industry experience and have your own team. Of course, if you have advantages in other areas, our company will fully support you. Briefly I introduce the benefit of Super Members below. 1. Super member will have 1% share of company's stock. 2. Three types of dividends: a) 80% dividends from transaction processing fees within their community; b) shared dividends with the ecosystem; c) transaction confirmation dividends; 3. Two types of rewards: a) 20% referral fee for recommending the platform; b) 5‰ of transactions fee from all level referrals in the community. 4. Four major types of special rights: a) rights to participate in relevant elections and management decisions; b) OTC merchant rights; c) rights to participate in cloud mining; d) promotion rights: entitlement to a 20% rebate of their promotion expenses ( a 50% bonus (50% cash + 50% WA) for the first 30 project(token) promoters.)
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