Digital Marketing


  • Digital Marketing
  • Full time
  • London, United Kingdom

Key responsibilities: 

  • Develop and implement digital marketing strategy across various channels (SMM, SEM and email) initially focused on lead generation, both paid and organic
  • Co-create a unique global brand, which will associate with dreams coming true
  • Lead the creation of a compelling content (ad copy, editorial, video etc); 
  • Craft and execute insanely creative and engaging campaigns;
  • Run lots of experiments and discover our unique communication DNA. 

Traffic Manager — responsible for the execution of organic and paid traffic strategy and campaigns. 
Analytics Manager — responsible for tracking key marketing analytics and key performance indicators (KPI’s) for intercompany departments, then compiling and communicating this data to appropriate members and departments. 


  • You are 3–5 years into your very successful marketing career at a leading digital marketing agency, scaleup, or a global consumer brand 
  • You are an expert storyteller, you love shaping words and visuals into a soul touching content 
  • You are a digital marketing native, data-driven marketing is your credo. 
  • Social Media is your element, you have already done awesome things there; 
  • You are a pro in guerrilla marketing with a history of success; 
  • You are a hands-on action person, you get things done at a lightning speed, and you never stop. 
  • Track and analyze key media metrics, evaluate campaign performance and actively optimize to ensure media plan efficiency and integrity 
  • Establish media best practices and stay abreast of key media and digital trends


  • Freedom to create, build the brand and the company of your dreams. 
  • Handsome bonus based on our meritocratic system. We believe in you! 
  • It’s your opportunity to step up and grow super fast, and work with an amazing decentralized team of experts in crypto, investments, coding, AI, psychology, and business. 
  • Excellent package; fast progress.
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