• Software Engineer
  • Full time
  • Lisbon, Portuguese Republic

By joining this team, you’ll get to know people with different backgrounds and experiences, that will help you grow and also learn from you. As a team we are building a platform to detect and register payments across several blockchains, stretching from a payment widget interface integrated into merchants’ websites and in Point of Sale devices, a dashboard for merchants payments, to a full fledge crypto payments wallet. But wait: We do know that DevOps is just a cool and fancy buzzword and there is no such thing as a DevOps swat team! Note that we could have called this job opening something like Dragon Engineer, Badass Samurai, Ninja Bash (...) but we decided to make it serious and call it Software Engineer because we are looking for a knowledgeable person willing to learn a set of practices that automates the processes between software development and IT teams. We also know that just because you have some thoughts about Docker and can use Bash scripts to make your morning coffee, that does not necessarily make you a “DevOps Expert”, right? But take a look at our requirements and if you feel you are a fit, don’t hesitate and apply! This position is for working on-site or partially remote. We are not looking for someone fully remote.


  • Experience with CI/CD workflows
  • Knowledge of Cloud infrastructure tools (e.g.: AWS could, docker, terraform)
  • Ability to navigate the Linux operating system
  • Bash scripting knowledge
  • Ability to adapt to the team's needs
  • Ability to build stable systems with proper logs and metrics
  • Willingness to learn Elixir
devops aws docker linux Software Engineer Cryptocurrency UTRUST