DevOps Engineer

Bitto Exchange

  • Software Engineer
  • Full time
  • London, United Kingdom

Work You Will Do:

  • You will be taking over responsibility of deploying and updating the exchange versions and install necessary component versions. Because this is an entirely new Startup in Asia, there will be huge possibilities to grow in terms of both development, skills set and position. 
  • You will be working on one of the most developed and possibly successful upcoming cryptocurrency exchange servicing an international market. Cryptocurrency is a fast growing and highly sought after industry with growing opportunities.
  • We believe in giving the best environment so you will be working in a Google Office environment where it does not matter how you want to work your 8 hours a day, as long as you can complete the tasks given. 
  • As cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the most profitable business models, you will have the opportunity to grow along with the company. 
  • We will be providing quartely review based on both companies performance and yours , bonuses will be given out accordingly at companies discretion dependent on your performance.
Bitto Exchange Platform Operations