Data Center Operations Engineer


  • Operations
  • Full time
  • Tallinn, Estonia

Specific responsibilities include: 

  • Maintaining and upgrading cryptocurrency mining hardware and software 
  • Assembly and configuration of new hardware and software
  • Stock keeping 
  • Investigating and solving hardware and software issues in both production and lab environments
  • Monitoring and improving multiple KPIs of different mining environments 
  • Maintaining and upgrading system monitoring and network configurations 
  • Automation-related activities 
  • Developing and testing hardware and software configurations for future deployments 


  • Ability to identify and critically analyze problems in given systems as well as propose and develop solutions independently
  • Experience and strong confidence in handling PC hardware and delicate electronics 
  • Experience administering and configuring Windows operating systems
  • Experience administering and configuring Linux operating systems (preferably Debian branch) 
  • Basic scripting experience with Bash, PowerShell, Python, Ruby, etc. 
  • Basic knowledge about computer networks and networking fundamentals 
  • Passion towards technological innovations 
  • Good spoken and written English and Russian

Beneficial (optional) skills:

  • Experience with infrastructure monitoring tools (Nagios, Zabbix, Pandora FMS, etc.) 
  • Experience with any Configuration Management tools (Ansible, Puppet, Chef, etc.) 
  • Overclocking, modding, hardware and firmware tweaking experience
  • Enterprise Windows and Linux administration experience 
  • Familiarity with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies 
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies
HashCoins Platform Operations