Cybersecurity Analyst - Distributed Systems


  • Information Security
  • Full time
  • Berlin, Germany

Requirements & Preferences: 

  • Requirement: Degree in mathematics, data science, computer science, information systems, information technology with a concentration on Cybersecurity or a willingness to repurpose existing skills from Data Science to Networks and Cybersecurity 
  • Requirement: Demonstrable 3+ years work experience in Data Analyst position 
  • Requirement: Demonstrable knowledge of computer networks 
  • Requirement: Excellent working knowledge of scientific Python stack or similar Data-Centric programming language 
  • Requirement: Excellent working knowledge of Probability Models and/or experience with modeling and simulation 
  • Preference: Experience using APIs to design and analyze streaming data using Apache Zookeeper + Apache Kafka (esp. real-time anomaly detection)
  • Preference: Knowledge of one or more databases (Rocksdb, DGraph, MongoDB, etc.) 
  • Preference: Demonstrable knowledge of containers and cloud service platforms
  • Preference: Demonstrable knowledge of network protocols, C++, Python and/or NodeJS.
Helix Platform Information Security