CTO Open Position at Aryia Technologies

Aryia Technologies LTD

  • IT
  • Full time
  • Bucharest, România
Aryia Technologies - Company Description

At Aryia, we are leveraging blockchain to disrupt the invasive smart speaker industry by building the first blockchain-powered smart speaker with focus on privacy while creating an entire ecosystem around it. We answer today’s data privacy concerns by giving users control over their data while also rewarding them for any involvement in the Aryia ecosystem. Rewards can later be spent within the decentralized voice-skills marketplace.

The CTO Role

As a CTO, you will manage the development of the world’s first blockchain-powered smart speaker software solution; You will manage two different dev teams working for the same goal: AI team and blockchain dev team; Oversee the development of Aryia’s ERC20 token offering and smart contract coding; Oversee the development of Aryia’s main net and entire reward system; Assist in the hiring process of other team members by evaluating their technological knowledge and skills; Manage the development of an effective AI solution that’s in line with Aryia’s goals; Expand Aryia’s network of partners through networking and event participation; Research new AI, blockchain and protocol coding languages, thus continuously innovating Aryia’s products and services.

Candidate Requirements

Highly enthusiastic about artificial intelligence, speech recognition, crypto markets, blockchain and new technology; Long-term involvement with Aryia; Flexible to relocate in other geographical areas where you might be needed; Experience in a technical leadership role with proven ability to lead teams and delegate responsibilities; Experience with hardware products; Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written; English proficiency is a must; Experience in the architecture and development of blockchain products; Experience with speech recognition, NLP and machine learning; Ability to work independently and launch your own initiatives, without the need to be micromanaged; Ability to think strategically and critically, implementing new technological solutions seamlessly.


If relocated, free accomodation; Autonomy to design, implement, test and validate your own ideas, technological improvements and digital strategies; Long-term stability, with new challenges and opportunities arising each day. Potential to grow and earn both equity and token packages.
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