Compliance Officer


  • Compliance
  • Full time
  • Remote

We have an exciting opportunity for candidates interested in financial market compliance practices in the blockchain - Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) space.

From pure cryptocurrencies to reprensentation of tangible objects on the blockchain, the variety of DLT tokens is extreme, thereby creating a full range of new asset classes. In the field of real world tokenized assets, some will fall into existing regulated categories (like securities), while others will not. This is where we turn to you! In the case of the first ones you will help to apply relevant legal impositions on the way we will manage them on the DLT. The case of the second ones is even more interesting: as some exotic tokenized assets may not fall in existing regulation categories, some sound solutions will need to be invented - and probably discussed with the regulators.

We're looking for one to three people who will be committed to the project and deliver. We aren't organized like a bank; you won't be the intern or the partner --- you're part of the team. If you prefer to be told every hour what to do next, or if you like to have others do the work for you, there's a fundamental misfit.

The indicated salaries are illustrative. Stock options are available for early team members.

Min requirement:

  • Legal knowledge of financial market regulations in EU --- it could be that you're just coming out of school. That's fine, we'll grow together.
  • Comfortable in working in an innovative framework of the DLT space, where rules are not always clear.
  • Good communicator (English)
  • Responsible & reliable


  • Previous involvement in start-up
  • Experience with regulations on cryptocurrencies and DLT tokens, ideally with an understanding of the situation in various relevant jurisdictions.
  • Autonomous
  • French language can be a plus
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