Blockchain Engineer

Spring Role

  • Software Engineer
  • Full time
  • Bengaluru, India


  • The ideal candidate should possess well understanding of developing applications in different blockchain platforms such as Dapps, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Bitcoin and other distributed computing environments. 
  • Experience on Smart contract and Solidity, development tools for Ethereum (testrpc, geth, Web3, eth_lightwallet, etc.) is a plus. 
  • Knowledge of the available tools in the market which offer blockchain solutions 
  • Experience in solution building for customers around blockchain technology Encryption techniques used in Blockchain 
  • Experience working in an Agile development environment 
  • Development Responsibilities 
  • Understanding of Bitcoins, its origin and progress over the last few years 
  • Hands-on technical exposure to blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple earn how to design and develop in the emerging space of distributing computing applications.
  • Keep up to date on emerging capabilities in this fast growing area and identify where and how new capabilities can be applied. 
  • Think through and anticipate how hackers and others may attempt to subvert or mis-use applications 
  • Contribute to company's internal knowledge base on best practices in this emerging technology area.
Spring Role