Backend Software Engineer

Spring Labs

  • Software Engineer
  • Full time
  • Los Angeles, United States


  • You will design, develop, deploy server APIs with industry leading best practices 
  • You will interact with the business and R&D functions to understand, communicate, and build out the necessary systems for the blockchain network 
  • You understand backend development and distributed processing 
  • You will help design Smart Contracts, protocols, and security, focusing on anonymity and privacy
  • You will design and develop APIs that interface with credit reporting services, wrap on-chain calls to JSON APIs usable by clients
  • You will help build out the security infrastructure for APIs
  • You will help scale and test performance of different services on the Spring Labs platform
  • You will help develop, design, and deploy additional microservices as the platform scales


  • 3+ years in C/C++, Javascript, Python, or Ruby development
  • 3+ years of production backend systems development 
  • 3+ years of experience in API design, development, and optimization 
  • 3+ years of SQL against multiple different database backends 
  • Strong CS fundamentals with understanding of software design 
  • Great problem-solving ability with strong collaboration mentality 

Additional Qualifications (Preferred, Not Required): 

  • CS Degree (or Advanced CS Degree) 
  • Design and implementation of Smart Contracts on Ethereum Development experience in Go
Spring Labs Payments Software Engineer