Refuge Network

  • Trading & Investing

Refuge Network is an early stage blockchain startup with a clear vision of creating a more inclusive global economy using business and technology. We are creating a multidimensional financial ecosystem that connects refugees, displaced and marginalized population to the global economy using proven business models in e-commerce and investments. We are looking for passionate people eager to grow their careers while making the world a better place to join our team as interns, part time commitments or full time depending on preference as we start our angel raise and prepare for the ICO in the coming few months. As a young startup you get to grow while being able to wear different hats at the same time. The team members could be asked to join team full time and even relocate after the angel raise is done. In case of internships, the positions could lead to full involvement in the future. As a valued team member in an early stage startup, this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make a big impact while assured of tokens and potential equity at the company.

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